Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Border Kolams

Hello everybody,

I hope by now everybody could get some ideas on the 3 dots/4 dots designed Kolams given in the
previous posts.

Please also note that the 3 dots/4 dots single formation Kolam designs can be used as border for various
Kolams, by expanding the dots formation horizontally.

I have drawn some of them below. See you next with some new idea.

Wish you all a happy summer.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Spring (Holi) Kolam

Let us celebrate arrival of spring and the Holi with a colorful Kolam.

The month of March (Phalgun in India) ushers in spring when seeds sprout, flowers bloom and the gloom of the winter gives way to bright summer. Birds come out in large number and enjoy the spring season.

A Kolam to represent this lovely atmosphere is designed below with a flower in the middle and surrounded by birds. In the first one, 15 dots in five lines in the middle and reduced by two in stages to end with five dots on both sides is presented.

If you find above little tough, try the smaller version of 8 dots in eight lines which will give a square shape.

Color the flower as well as to the birds, with Rangoli powder, as per your imagination and celebrate Holi in its true spirit. As usual give me your feedback and keep visiting the blog to get more updates. Like us and upload your own images to

Wish you all a happy time ahead. 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kolam For Beginners - Part II

Hello everybody,

In the previous blog for beginners I gave some ideas on Kolams of 3 dots and 3 lines.   I also explained how to expand the same to a bigger size Kolam.

Now in the first sheet, keeping the same 3 dots, 3 lines, I have drawn different designs both in short form and expanded form.  Please try this and hope you will enjoy the same.

In the second sheet, I have tried to give you some ideas on how to draw four dots, four line Kolams, both in single formation and expanded formation.

In the final drawing, a bigger Kolam is drawn by extending the dots, as explained in my previous blog. The point to be remembered is that in single design, we close the ends, while extending the same to a bigger one; we keep open the ends to connect to the next formation.

Any questions/clarification required, please do not hesitate to drop your comments. You can also leave your own drawings on for others to see. Don’t forget to “Like” us Facebook.

See you next with some new idea, until then let this great tradition be pursued with all earnestness.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shivaratri Kolam

Hello folks,

I hope you could draw the Kolam for Rathasapthami sent by me last time.

I now give tips on Kolam for another important Hindu festival, Shivarathri falling on the 9th March in North America and on the 10th March in India.

You all know Lord Shiva is highly pleased if someone offers him a Bael/Vilvam/Bilva leaf (as may be known in various regions). The green leaf consisting of three leaves also resembles the Trisool in the hands of Lord Shiva.  Then why not draw a Kolam representing this shape.  Here are the tips for the same.

As you will see from the below drawing, I have initially drawn a diamond shape dots, 5 in the middle and tapering off to one above /below the middle line. In order to convert this diamond shape into a star like shape, in the second picture I have drawn on right upside one line of two dots and tapering to one after that.  The same way you can do it on all four sides. After that you can join the dots to get a three leaved Bilva as shown below.

You will observe from this, in order to draw this type of Kolam, the dots in the middle of the Kolam should be five, eleven or seventeen.  Initially, to get the diamond shape it should tapered off to one on both sides as mentioned above.  Further for converting into star shape, adding dots on all four sides should be in the combination of 2&1 for 5 dots in the middle, 5,4,3,2 & 1 for 11 dots in the middle and 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 &1 for 17 dots in the middle.

I have shown below, two Kolams with 11 and 17 dots.

Do you like the idea?  If so why not try it and offer it as our humble prayer to Lord Shiva on Shivarathri.

Do leave your feedback on the blog or message me on Google+ at +R. Venkataramani with your thoughts or special requests.

I will talk to you all with more Kolams for beginners in the next post.

Hara Hara Mahadeva

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kolam For Beginners - I

Hello everybody following my blog “Kolam for All”. Thank you for your positive feedback so far. 

I have shown below Kolams for beginners.

First, I have drawn Kolam with three dots in three lines, in various designs.

To increase the size of the Kolam in the same design, keeping the original structure on the top, extend the dots in two sideways and below – e.g. in 3 dots Kolam, extend by two dots in the first line and by three dots in next two lines. I have shown below how to extend the dots. I hope you will be able to practice this easily.

I will be pleased to answer your queries, if any. Please tweet me at @sundarijittu or leave your comments here.

Incidentally, I take the liberty to give below some tips on Kolam drawing:
  1. Mix rice powder with Kolam powder (Rangoli powder) to get fine impression.
  2. Even at entrance to flats, we should draw Kolam, depending upon the space available.
  3. While Kolam at the entrance to the house is drawn early morning, Kolam at the place of worship (Pooja Room/Place) is drawn after taking bath in the morning.