Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kolam For Beginners - I

Hello everybody following my blog “Kolam for All”. Thank you for your positive feedback so far. 

I have shown below Kolams for beginners.

First, I have drawn Kolam with three dots in three lines, in various designs.

To increase the size of the Kolam in the same design, keeping the original structure on the top, extend the dots in two sideways and below – e.g. in 3 dots Kolam, extend by two dots in the first line and by three dots in next two lines. I have shown below how to extend the dots. I hope you will be able to practice this easily.

I will be pleased to answer your queries, if any. Please tweet me at @sundarijittu or leave your comments here.

Incidentally, I take the liberty to give below some tips on Kolam drawing:
  1. Mix rice powder with Kolam powder (Rangoli powder) to get fine impression.
  2. Even at entrance to flats, we should draw Kolam, depending upon the space available.
  3. While Kolam at the entrance to the house is drawn early morning, Kolam at the place of worship (Pooja Room/Place) is drawn after taking bath in the morning.


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