Tuesday, 12 February 2013


KOLAM FOR RATHASAPTHAMI DAY (16th/17th Feb 2013) (Surya Jayanthi)

The above Kolam is apt for the above occasion.

As anybody can observe, it is in four parts: the dome, side supports, the image of Surya in the middle and the base with wheel.

The image of Surya is drawn without any dots and can be easily drawn.

The dome starts with single dot (idukku pulli) and goes up to 12.  The sides are are with 3 dots throughout.

The base is drawn with 17 dots. 

The base wheel is again drawn without dot.

The whole image represents Lord Surya travelling in a chariot.

The entire design can be varied according to one’s taste and imagination.

The same Kolam can be used on Makara Sankaranthi (Pongal) day.

By the way Ratha Sapthami, as the heading indicates, is the Jayanthi   day of Lord Surya.

Ratha Sapthami is symbolic of the change of season to spring and the start of the harvesting season

Worshipping Lord Surya on this day is the tradition for a long time in South India.

This year the Ratha Sapthami falls on 16th Feb in North America & 17th Feb. in India.

It will be interesting to note here that some Temples in South India do Surya Pooja during this period ending with Ratha Sapthami.  Also, it will be interesting to note that during this period, the rays of Surya will fall on the Lord Shiva in the sanctum Sanctorum in some temples, which is an architectural marvel to watch.

I know for sure that this happens at Thirumeyachur, near Peralam (in the bus/train route between Mayiladuthurai & Nannilam).  This is the famous temple where there is the sannadhi for Shri Lalithambigai.   Surya Pooja at this temple is very famous.  So next time when you happen to travel that side, don’t miss this temple and be the recipient of the blessings of Lord Meganathar & Goddess Lalithambigai.

Prayer to Lord Surya not only gives of good health but also knowledge.  Lord Hanuman gained all his Vidya from Surya, so say the Puranas.  Let us pray to Lord Surya to bestow us with health and Vidya on this auspicious day.

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